Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Join our peeps for the Pre-Pre-Pre New Year's 2011 celebration at Malverde, the "purdiest" bar in Austin!

ZEALE will be kicking the classy Hip Hop with the beautiful DeeJay Honeycomb all evening! This is a vinyl only party so please leave your Serrato at your robot's!

These kids are spot-rocking from 10pm to 2am so take your time arriving but don't leave early! This one is going in memory lane.

BUT WAIT---That's not all.

You can catch ZEALE once again at Beauty Bar's annual NYE party later that week!

This one is going down in the record books with featured artists Hi-Tones, The Shears, and Austin's best DJ Mel!

Come early because like every year this event will SELL OUT!

The party starts at 8pm and there will be plenty of champagne bottles to pass around until you hit the ground.

See you at NYE 2011 friendz and fangz!

Don't forget to grab ZEALE's latest release "DISASTERKRFT" now!

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