Sunday, December 5, 2010


For those of you who made it to the show we don't need to say much. ZEALE and AWOLNATION did more than rock a sold out crowd at Austin's Parish, they made a statement that echoed across the blogosphere and social pages of fans that made it into the building.

ZEALE and DJ Rock Well 9000 opened the show with heavy bass and hip-hop beats, pushing the crowd back and forth with sounds that shook the shots off the bar. After performing over fifteen tracks from his latest project, "DISASTERKRFT," ZEALE stepped off the stage leaving the crowd on an unmistakable high.

AWOLNATION immediately took the stage after ZEALE and began rocking the crowd with their monstrous sounds and hypnotizing melodies. Then, just a few songs into their set, the unexpected happened.

AWOL's drummer managed to punch through the kick drum resulting in a sudden halt of the show. The crowd fell silent as AWOL announced they were stepping off stage to replace the drum head.

However, tragedy quickly turned to triumph as ZEALE ran back onto the empty stage with AWOLNATION in tow. The crowd exploded when the members grabbed their instruments for an improvisational groove in unison with a ten minute freestyle attack by ZEALE.

The roof was completely blown off of The Parish. Then, as if planned, the drum was replaced and ZEALE slid off into the black as AWOLNATION hurtled back into their set at full momentum.

Video will be surfacing soon of this amazing night.

You can join ZEALE and the world famous DJ Spooky next week at Aces Lounge in Austin, Texas, for another exciting show.

ZEALE will be blasting the crowd with more tracks from his latest release "DISASTERKRFT."

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